Yousuke Tateishi
Yousuke Tateishi
Kanji 立石 洋介
Romaji Tateishi Yousuke
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Age 24 (at the time of death)
Height 176
Weight 69
Blood Type A
Anime debut Episode 4
Seiyū Masakazu Morita (Japanese)

Ian Sinclair (English)

Yousuke Tateishi is one of the guests who died in Death Parade. He is judged by Decim and Chiyuki.


He has short black hair and wears glasses. He is the nerd type character.


Quiet and reclusive, he takes to video games and tv shows instead of socializing.


After being abused by his mother and his parent's divorce, Yousuke fell into a state of depression. He lived with his father and his new step mom whom he never wanted to get close to. The depression also seemed to distance him from others (especially from school). Through the lack of social interaction and depression he started living his life as a "neet" or hikikomori. His step mother said she would like if Yousuke would call her "momma" which he deeply regrets not doing after his suicide.

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