So, yeah, hi. Ari here, just a little blog post on the life of an arbirt or sorts in my own POV or perspective here. So, anyways, i'll begin.

Being an arbiter is honestly a lot of fun for me, even if i am 13, i know i can never hurt the people i judge, because hey, they're already dead, and i may be faint of heart to the feels of a moment, but hey, who isn't to some extent. I bet even once, Decim has cried (or will cry).

Anyways, that's that, and at the moment, i am merely a side assistant. I do get the memories, but my boss of sorts, Ginti never lets me do anything but chores, so when he leaves and people show up, it's my time to shine. I usually just sit around and watch and observe at Viginti, but it's worth it. I get to know different kinds of people, i get to see how they'll react, and though it's not very relevant, i learn how to handle myself by watching these guys.

Though Ginti hates it when i do, i play with his Kokeshi dolls a lot. I'm always playing with them on the sofa, pretending that they're people and it's like a show being acted out for me, and as i'm a hopeless romantic, the stories are usually romances and such, and whenever Ginti finds out, i usually get an ear-full, but as Ginti is so loud, someone always maanges to stop him before he slaps me across the face or uses his water orbs against me or something. 

That brings me to another point, the special arbiter abilities. I don't have as many abilities as Decim or Ginti, but it's something. I can turn anything into paper, then fold it into something else and make anything, manipulating it however i wish, though it always remains as paper, even if it can become like what it's shaped to be. This is probably one of the reasons Ginti keeps getting mad at me for playing with his Kokeshi dolls, coz i can always make my own.

Lastly, the others in the building. If i'm not doing chores, and if i'm not judging the dead, I'm either at Quindecim, watching Nona and Oculus play billiards, or i'm looking at Decim's dummy collection, sometimes even making my own, helping him out.

Now that i think about it, Ginti's Kokeshi dolls are all different, maybe they're representations of visitors to Viginti, too? I'll go ask him, after i'm done with this blog post. See yah! :)

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