aka Axion

  • I live in A computer (I wish)
  • My occupation is being that one kid in the corner doing their own thing and laughing at nothinf
  • I am Try n guess XD
  • Dreamergirl3000

    So, yeah, hi. Ari here, just a little blog post on the life of an arbirt or sorts in my own POV or perspective here. So, anyways, i'll begin.

    Being an arbiter is honestly a lot of fun for me, even if i am 13, i know i can never hurt the people i judge, because hey, they're already dead, and i may be faint of heart to the feels of a moment, but hey, who isn't to some extent. I bet even once, Decim has cried (or will cry).

    Anyways, that's that, and at the moment, i am merely a side assistant. I do get the memories, but my boss of sorts, Ginti never lets me do anything but chores, so when he leaves and people show up, it's my time to shine. I usually just sit around and watch and observe at Viginti, but it's worth it. I get to know different ki…

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