Kanji たかし
Romaji Takashi
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Age 38 (at time of death)
Height 178
Weight 67
Blood Type AB
Occupation Doctor
Anime debut Episode 1
Seiyū Kazuya Nakai (Japanese)
Eric Vale (English)
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A man who loved Machiko. Nona describes him as. "A man who cannot trust anyone," in reference to Takashi overhearing two women gossiping at his and Machiko's wedding about a girl having an affair, and assuming that they were talking about Machiko.


Takashi was a doctor who was very much in love with his newly-wed wife Machiko. At their wedding, he overhears two of Machiko's friends talking about a girl named "Machi", saying how she married a doctor for his money but was in love with another man. Takashi immediately jumps to the conclusion that the two girls were talking about Machiko. Machiko later said that her friends were talking about another girl whose nickname was "Machi", but the truth of who the two girls were referring to is never confirmed.

Takashi decides that he will still go through with the wedding, since it was already his wedding day, but he feels complete betrayal by Machiko. The two of them head out on their honeymoon. Machiko's phone rings, and Takashi assumes that it must be Machiko's other lover, and he snidely tells her to answer it. Machiko replies with a simple, "I don't feel like talking." The simple comment outrages Takashi and he grabs for the phone. Machiko yells at him to watch where he's going, but too late. Takashi's loss of control over the car causes it to go over a rail and fall from the winding cliff they were driving on, killing both of them.

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