Shigeru Miura
Shigeru Miura
Kanji 三浦 しげる
Romaji Miura Shigeru
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Yellow
Age 21 (at time of death)
Height 180
Weight 65
Blood Type O
Occupation Student
Anime debut Episode 3
Seiyū Junji Majima (Adult) (Japanese)
Lynn (Child)

Micah Solusod (English)

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Shigeru Miura is a college student and the childhood friend of Chisato Miyazaki and Mai Takada.


He was a young man with yellow eyes and black hair parted to the right. He wore a beanie, a white shirt with a blue insigna, brown pants and blue tennis shoes with white tips. (Which Jigoku finds pleasent on men/boys)


He seems to be a nice, and somewhat easily startled person. While he seems to be nervous and freaked out after seeing the bowling balls for their game which had their hearts in them, he managed to calm himself down and continue with the game. While playing the game with Chisato and from his flashbacks, he also seems to be very friendly as shown when he congratulated Mai on her strike and how he laughed and got along with his friends while he was alive. He immediately liked Mai the moment he met her and initially thought she was Chisato (as Mai had undergone plastic surgery to look like Chisato and attract Shigeru's attention) and even requested a date. He is very earnest and serious, as his heart began to beat rapidly after asking Chisato out. He also doesn't like to worry others, as he tried to calm his heart after he asked her out so she wouldn't notice, showing he didn't want her to feel anxious or let her on how nervous he was and was genuine about his desire to ask her out. After receiving his memories, he pretended nothing was wrong to not worry Mai. Even after finding out it was Mai he was asking out and not Chisato and how she had plastic surgery to look like Chisato, he still wanted to go on a date with her, showing he is an open minded person who is accepting and understanding. His kindness ultimately allows him to become reincarnated alongside Mai.


As children, he, Chisato, and Mai often played together. Chisato eventually moved away but Mai stated she would always be with him because she loved him. However, despite living in the same neighborhood, due to Mai's shyness and lack of self confidence the two seemed to grow apart. This caused Mai to decide to drop out of school and undergo plastic surgery to look like Chisato and gain his attention. This worked as he immediately took a liking to her as he told his friends about her while visiting her at her job at the bowling alley. However, his friends informed him that she was his childhood friend who dropped out and got plastic surgery. While riding the same bus home as Mai, he walked towards her seat and attempted to confront her. However, the bus they were riding ended up in a traffic accident, killing the two at the same time.

He ended up at Quindecim where he met Mai once again and . The two tried to leave but couldn't and decided to participate in a game of bowling. As he began bowling, Shigeru became attracted to Mai once again and remembered his childhood playing with her and Chisato, but mistook Mai for Chisato. The two continued playing, with Shigeru asking her on a date and the two agreeing to end the game in a tie. However, near the end of the game he remembered everything and that Mai had undergone plastic surgery to look like his other childhood friend Chisato and that they two of them were dead. Despite the circumstances, he asked if he could have some time to go on a date with Mai. Mai was confused as she wanted to explain who she was, but Shigeru knew and he still wished to have one date with her, which Decim and Onna agreed to. The two shared a romantic date at the bar and he went to his elevator designated for reincarnation, crying for his death but happy that he was able to truly get reacquainted with Mai and spend time with her.

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