Romaji Otoko
Gender Male
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Age 30
Seiyū Yuichi Nakamura
Image Gallery


A somewhat tall man in his 30s as said in the episode, he's around the height of Decim, he has medium length brown hair that is styled, he also wears a suit with a pink undershirt, and black suit jacket and pants, along with a pair of black shoes.

Personality Edit

Just like the old man that is in the same episode, we have a hard time pinning him down. It seems he was your average teenager and lead a regular life, going after a girl and learning pool to get closer to her. Though we do not know a lot about him we do know that he cheated on his girlfriend, the girl who he learned pool to get to know, and we do not know if he was either under the influence or if he was just plain idiotic.


He led a pretty normal younger life it seemed by his flashback, we also learn that the way he died is that he was stabbed in his stomach by his girlfriend, getting revenge on him for cheating most likely. After college it seemed he went up in the ranks as a businessman of some sort as he went to meetings and was congratulated by other men in suits in his flashback as if to signify a promotion.

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