Kanji 真智子
Romaji Machiko
Gender Female
Hair Colour Brown
Age 27 (at time of death)
Height 161
Weight 49
Blood Type A
Anime debut Episode 1
Seiyū Ayako Kawasumi (Japanese)
Trina Nishimura (English)
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Even since meeting him, Machiko has been deeply in love with Takashi. From following his advice and checking over his injuries, Machiko always thinks of the best way to help and please Takashi. Her devotion goes so deep into her soul as to (supposedly by the Black-Haired Woman) subject him to heartbreak by pretending to insult him and oust herself as a fictional gold digger to anger him to the point of lunging at her with a dart in order to spare him the severe punishment of eternal emptiness in the void.


While it is proven that she had an affair, her true intentions towards telling her husband that the child was not his are not certain. Takashi's lack of faith in his wife resulted in both of their deaths, due to him grabbing her cell phone while driving on a cliff. They both drowned.

In the first episode, the viewer is made to think that she was lying about loving Takashi at all, and was only marrying him for money and status.

However, in the second episode we see a different side of the story. The Black-Haired Woman says that Machiko probably greatly regretted her affair, and that it could have possibly been a one-time event, which is the opposite of what the first episode leads the viewer to believe. The Black-Haired Woman also says that she believes the child Machiko was carrying was indeed Takashi's, but upon seeing Takashi break down at the loss of his child, lied to him and told him that the child was not his, to lighten his burden in his final moments if only a little.

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