Episode 2
Death Reverse



Desu Ribāsu

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January 16, 2015

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Death Reverse (デス・リバース, Desu Ribāsu) is the second episode of Death Parade.


Stirring from her slumber, the black-haired woman wakes up, and finds herself in an unfamiliar area: a green house while on top of a tree. A strange girl on the opposite side of her appears and introduces herself as Nona. Nona asks if she is able to remember her name. She is unable to. Nona wants her to know that this is perfectly fine, for she doesn't have one. She is led by Nona to a train, not knowing where it is heading. She asks Nona where they are going after observing all the other strange passengers, to which she is told that they are going to the 15th floor. After alighting, they enter an elevator and meet the elevator operator known as Clavis, who is late. He apologizes to Nona, who remarks that he should get it together. Once the doors close, he asks them where they wish to go to, and Nona responds with Decim's place. He hits the button, and whispers a quick greeting to the new arrival; she resounds back, not wanting to be rude. They proceed to the fifteenth floor.

They reach the bar Quindecim, and are welcomed by Decim. Nona sits down at the bar, while the black-haired woman marvels at the elegance of the area. Being snapped back to the present, Decim bows to Nona, who sits at one of the bar stools, and turns his attention to the new arrival. Introducing himself as Decim, and the bartender, he welcomes her. Returning the greeting, she asks about the nature of this place, but is interrupted by Nona. Nona comments and explains to her that Quindecim is where the deceased come to when they die. Confused, the woman reiterates what she said. Nona compounds her previous point by stating that when the souls get here, they will play a game with their lives at stake. Following along somewhat, the purple clad woman nods. Judgment is passed on them based on their memories, as well as the extent of humanity they show throughout, and reveal themselves to the Arbiters. Repeating their job title, the new girl hears Nona somewhat mock her for her lack of understanding. Carrying on after reviving a look of disbelief, Nona details that they must receive the compiled memories of their contestants before they arrive.

Amazed, the woman suddenly lights up and asks how this is possible. Agreeing, she simplifies the matter so it's like magic, and asks if she understands while disembarking the stool and placing her hands in her suspenders. Understanding the gist, the other woman beside Nona tries to ask another question, but is interrupted. Telling her to observe Decim, Nona signals to Quin to send him the memories of the new "contestants". Quin lackadaisically responds, and causes Decim's irises to spin around in a clockwise circle a quarter of the way. After taking in the new memories, Decim is left to do his job. Nona walks away to a black staircase, and tells the new girl to follow suit, all under the watchful gaze of the bartender.

As the game is about to begin, she and Nona leave the present area and are on a staircase leading to the room that was locked in Death Billiards. Confused about everything, the black-haired woman asks Nona where is she to fit in, on which the latter replies that she forgot that part of the orientation, is to be an assistant. Opening the door to a hallway, the woman and Nona enter a room filled with mannequins, only to be known that the place is Decim’s hobby room. The black-haired woman disparages his hobby, calling it repulsive.

Concurring, Nona signifies that it is quite an "awful" pastime of his, they sit down and Nona informs her that at the moment, the two souls will be persuaded to play the game on the other side. Wondering what that means, the woman speaks up again. Nona clarifies by telling her to look ahead of her, and to stay very still. The lights dim, and they view the unfolding events inside Quindecim as the panel parts to show that Takashi and Machiko are the "lucky" two, as narrated by Nona. Surprised that they are not bloody, Nona's new hire asks if they are truly deceased. Noting that they are, Nona back up her fact by telling her that the shock of dying causes your body to not register that you've died, and you remain unchanged. Not understanding how anyone could fall for something so dumb, Nona's new girl speaks up yet again. Agreeing, Nona comments that because of that fact, they must prompt them by showing them the "bodies".

As Takashi and Machiko deliberate at what to do, which the former telling his wife that it will all work out and hits the button; the panels slide and the lights come back on. Nona celebrates that the intimidation process was not a fluke and walks away. Being stopped by the black-haired woman, she is asked why this works exactly, and the method that they choose. Nona bats a dummy's head around while answering: humans respond the most when winning and losing are at stake, and this is the culmination of all their efforts. She further asks if they can be judged based on their memories gained by the transfer, but Nona dismisses this. According to her, the lives may shape who they are, but their most despicable personal actions need to be taken into consideration, hence the game. In the dark about how humans could be evil, Nona asks the black-haired woman what the human's most primitive emotion is. The black-haired woman is unable to respond, she hasn't a clue. Nona then states that the most pivotal emotion is fear, and then smiles.

Moving to the gallery room, the black-haired woman in purple notices that the mannequins are clothed in fancy attire. Paying no mind, Nona informs her that this is an oversight on her part, and to focus on what is occurring below. The nameless woman looks below to see a game of darts set up, and Nona notes that this isn't the norm; it's just what's been selected this time. They view the game of darts between the "newlyweds, newlydeads," starting with Takashi, the husband, staking the first shot. As Takashi assesses his wife's wound, the black-haired woman asks what happened. Nona informs her that they are playing a game of pain. Noting her confusion, she elaborates: Takashi struck the shoulder target, so Machiko experienced the pain of being stabbed in said body part.

Still dazed, the black-haired woman watches as Takashi grasps his chest as Nona keeps discussing the rules of the dart game. Putting her hand to her mouth in disgust, she comments that this is way too much. Nona reassuringly says that she'll get used to it. Watching in silence, Takashi confronts Decim, the black-haired woman pipes up again when she sees them miss: by stating that they are messing up, and they didn't know that it could be allowed. Nona admits that because Decim has approved it, it is permissible. Continuing, she states that the scores are slightly different, with Takashi behind by 8. Not seeing any issues, the other observer wonders why that is such a big deal. Nona reiterates that it isn't from her point of view, but those two truly believe that they will die. Shocked, Decim's new assistant ponders out loud why they would believe that, considering that no one said anything about dying. Nona concurs yet again, but does indeed realize that humans think and think about things just as Takashi realizes that if he keeps going like this, he'll be in the body room. Nona finishes her speech by stating that it's a dangerous path to take by losing, and no one wishes to truly give up their life so easily.

Throwing his next dart, Takashi hits Machiko’s spine. Nona predicted this would happen, while the black-haired woman wants to know if it was intentional. Nona comments there is no direct way to know for sure, but they can guess from what the Arbiters have seen in their memories. As Takashi is hit with a double 4, the black-haired woman covers her mouth again. Nona joyfully expresses her surprise, for she has no idea what humans are truly capable of because they keep her on her toes. She goes on to detail that the way they died: in a car accident caused by Takashi. Surmising the events as horrendous, the black-haired woman is still with her hand over her mouth.

Takashi and Machiko make up, in part of Machiko's willingness to divulge everything to him now about her plans, and his willingness to forgive her. As he throws his last dart, his hand slips by the memories returning, which Nona comments on. Taking her time to explain the ins and outs of the human mind, Nona delineates how the games are created to cause them to recall everything in small doses, but that may cause them to act and behave differently when they remember their deaths.

After the game, Decim discuss Heaven and Hell, which is where they will be sorted on account of Machiko figuring it out while she was in the midst of throwing the last dart. Thinking out loud, the black-haired woman asks about the two places. Nona explains that they use those terms to help simplify the process for people, but in actuality they are the void and reincarnation, hell and heaven respectively. Going further after her latest worker is puzzled, Nona states that if a soul goes in the reincarnation elevator, they are allowed to keep living life in a new body; if they proceed in the void shoot, they will keep plummeting in darkness for eternity. Her current area is the judgement center, and she is to help with the process of sorting souls. Just as they complete their talk, Takashi lashes out at Machiko. As she is at the other end of the room, Machiko remembers when Takashi gave his marriage offer, one that she happily accepted, and tears fall from her eyes. She turns around and assaults him with insults, under the watchful eye of the black-haired woman.

Decim sees the two off, while Nona and the black-haired woman watching from the hallway to the left by peeking around a corner.

They meet Decim at the hallway. Nona and his new assistant approach, with a, "Job well done," from Nona. Decim thanks her, and asks the black-haired woman what she thinks. She thinks it is terrible, but Nona reiterates that that will soon fade. She brushes her off and asks where they ended up going, hoping to confirm her understanding. Nona gives the details that Takashi went back up, and Machiko went down. Decim confirms this, but she has a question.

They go to the dart board and Decim collects all the darts while the last hire confirms if Machiko did cheat, Decim believes so. Noting her look, Nona tries to bring out her say on the matter. Falling into her trap, she goes on to say that Machiko wasn't doing it habitually, just a one-time fling. Approaching with all of the darts, Decim asks her why she would believe something so odd. Carrying on, she further points to the fact that she was being eaten up by the guilt. Not yet satisfied, Nona wants her to go on. She does indeed by commenting that Takashi was probably the baby's father. Stunned, Decim notes that in her tirade, she says that wasn't true. Bringing in to the fact that she was quite full of remorse, the black-haired woman believes that she was lying.

Not understanding the concept of lying, Decim asks what exactly could she gain from that. Following up, Machiko did it to cause Takashi from thinking too much about their death, and that he was the cause of it all. Contemplating that she may have just acted out to help him recover emotionally, even if it meant that she would be the bad one. Hearing her opinion, Decim is dumbfounded and places the playing instruments on Machiko's table; he still refuses to believe it, after all a dead person can't care about anyone other than themselves. Stating that that's the issue, his new partner knows that it is indeed the reason she did it. Machiko did wish to express how she felt, even if that meant being cast aside because she represented it in a way to distort his vision of her. Decim, still not getting it, asks by her expressing her feelings.

In pure shock at how someone could be this emotionally dense, she scolds him for not knowing that Machiko loved Takashi. Putting his hand to his chin, Decim notes that love is the topic of conversation here, only to be met with an eye roll. Thinking even more, Decim thinks about how if Takashi hadn't overheard Machiko's friends talking while he exited the bathroom. The black-haired woman finishes by stating that they would have lived a happy life together, with Takashi none the wiser. Turning, he apologizes to Nona. Though smiling at first, Nona swiftly grabs his bow tie to lower him to her level and coldly advises Decim not to ignore emotions just because he is an Arbiter. Letting him go after ensuring that he has understood the concept, she goes to her stool where she asks for the usual drink.

They go back to the bar, and Decim serves the girls with Nona's "regular" drink, a yellow concoction. Sipping it, and praising him, Nona gets the other girl to take a chance. They both express how good the drink is, to which Decim thanks them. As Nona finishes her drink, she teases Decim by saying that he is too serious, and is only able to serve drinks. On the other hand, his hobby is quite fitting, for he is as emotionless as his dummies. Asking her for her input, the black-haired woman confirms, stating that she has already figured that out. Pleased, Nona walks away and tells the black-haired woman that 'she can take it from here'. When she asks what she should do, Nona just tells her to keep doing what she's doing.

Heading upwards in the lift, Clavis asks Nona how the black-haired woman fared. She tells him that she did well; this makes him surprised, as he knows how rarely Nona doesn't put anyone down. However, Nona takes back what she said upon further inspection of Takashi's soul, coming to the conclusion that he would never have been able to trust anyone and would have found something to cause him to become suspicious at some point in time, meaning that he just happened to have an easy way out with Machiko. She refutes what she said out loud, to which Clavis is confused about. Shedding more light, Nona says that the black-haired woman still has a long way to go.

Switching back to Quindecim, Decim reveals he is looking forward to working with the black-haired woman. She bows and states that she is also looking forward to his presence. Decim also apologises for earlier; he must confess that he has to respect people who live their lives to the fullest, and admits how unfit he is to be an Arbiter based on his decision at the end of the game. As the black-haired woman accepts his apology, she requests another drink from him. He makes it without complaining, and in fact seems to enjoy it.

While building various mannequins, Decim constructs one with green hair and eyes. During a mannequin social gathering, all of them start to decompose, but the green-haired one spouts a rose. She reaches out, but crumbles away like all the others as the rose sits there, untouched.

Later, Nona is speaking on the phone, a gold rimmed device that has golden branches inscribed on it with 12 black buttons. She speaks in to the receiver, noting that she has comprehended what she just heard. Decim is on the other line, and he thanks her. She dismisses his latest polite gesture, noting that she has already forgiven him, and the contract expires in three months. She hangs up and proceeds to read Chavvot on the couch.


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