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Suicide Tour



Sūsaido Tsuā

Japanese Air Date

March 27, 2015

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Suicide Tour (スーサイド·ツアー, Sūsaido Tsuā) in the twelfth and last episode of Death Parade.


As Oculus confronts Nona, who wants to prove that arbiters are more than dummies, Decim brings Chiyuki to her old house, offering her the chance to be brought back to life in exchange for another's life. Observing how much her mother cares for her even after her death, Chiyuki comes close to taking up the offer. However, upon remembering everyone she met in Quindecim, she ultimately decides against it, believing that the life that would've been sacrificed also has people who cherish them and regretting not cherishing her own life. This causes a wealth of emotions to swell up in Decim, who reveals this was all part of Chiyuki's judgement and experiences sorrow for the first time. As Nona observes the outcome with Oculus, showing that an important part of judging humans is to understand their suffering, Decim sees Chiyuki off to be reincarnated with a smile on his face. With Nona and the other arbiters pondering where things will go from here, Decim welcomes new guests to Quindecim.


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