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Memento Mori



Memento Mori

Japanese Air Date

March 20, 2015

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Memento Mori (メメント·モリ, Memento Mori) is the eleventh episode of Death Parade.


Ginti gives Mayu the choice to choose another human soul to be sent into the void in exchange for Harada regaining his. Meanwhile, Decim, who recalls how he first met Chiyuki, asks her to perform some ice skating, having noticed it was a large part of her memories. As she skates, Chiyuki regains her memories in which she used to be a professional ice skater until a severe knee injury forced her to retire, which led her to become severely depressed and kill herself. Just as the pair have their final drink together, Decim puts Chiyuki to sleep before asking Quin to send him her memories. Meanwhile, Mayu, having made her decision, is tricked by Ginti, who sends both her soul and Harada's to the void.


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