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Death Seven Darts



Desu Sebun Dātsu

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January 9, 2015

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Death Seven Darts (デス・セブンダーツ, Desu Sebun Dātsu) is the first episode of Death Parade.


When a couple named Takashi and Machiko arrive at a bar named Quindecim, a bartender, Decim, asks them to remember their past few minutes. Takashi remembers the two of them cruising down a windy road in a red convertible during their honeymoon, but can't think of anything else. Machiko echoes his thoughts, down to her blanking about the result of that trip. Decim thanks the two of them, and proceeds to tell them the five rules that dictate what occurs in the bar.

1. He is unable to inform them of where they are.

2, The two of them will play a game soon.

Takashi asks him to clarify what he means, but Decim keeps listing the rules.

3. Their lives are at stake while playing the game.

4. The game will be decided by a roulette spin. A mint colored board descends from the ceiling, broken up into nine sections. After getting over the shock, Takashi bangs his palms on the table, but Decim keeps on with his last rule.

5. They are unable to leave until a winner has emerged.

Unbelieving, Takashi convinces Machiko to leave him, calling him screwy in the head. They try the elevator and various rooms, including the bathroom, to find a way out; none of their attempts work. They return to where Decim is, angry. Decim presents them with many bodies strung up. Knowing that he may be mentally unstable, Takashi convinces Machiko to play the game with her, and if anything is to happen, he will protect her. He pushes a button laid out before them, which causes a randomize to start to choose a game. The game that is selected is darts, and a giant, multicolored dart board emerges from the ground.

The rules, as told by Decim, are quite simple: they both start with 501 points, and who ever is closest to, or reaches zero, is the victor; however, they only have seven darts to do so. As he speaks, the colors on the board are replaced with diagrams of various body parts and organs; however, the red and blue outlines, representing double and triple points spots, stay. Each section is supposed to be a part of the body that will affect the other person while hit.

Takashi and Machiko don't believe him, so Takashi throws a dart that lands on a bone worth 6 points; not long after, maybe a second, Machiko crumples to the ground with shoulder pain. Takashi rushes over and apologizes, while stripping her hair and clothes out of the way to show her pink bra strap and uses his medical skills to deduce that she mustn't make any hasty movement. She insists that she is fine, and she takes her turn, hitting an 18 point organ. Takashi feels the agony this time, causing Machiko to runs over to him. Takashi is now fully convinced, but is perplexed as to how someone could install something like this in a a body without him noticing. He runs over to where Decim is and demands to know what he has done to him. Taking his time, and being quite polite, Decim informs him of the situation: he hasn't done anything. Offering a suggestion, Decim tells Takashi that if they don't wish to be harmed, they will have to miss until someone loses all their darts.

Excited by this prospect, Takashi is reminded of the scores: Machiko is leading by 12, so if they keep this the way it is now, he would lose. He returns, and Machiko asks him how it went. Takashi informs her of the new regulation they are going to implement, and she happily agrees. The two miss their targets for five consecutive turns, with landing either on the numerical point values (11 or 20), or going in between them (19, 3). While waiting for his turn, Takashi envisions himself in the room in the back. Noticing that he looks paler then he just did, Machiko asks if everything is fine, and he responds that it is and plays his dart, unintentionally hitting a a body part worth 16 points. He tries to cover, but letting the blood seep through her hand. They take a break, and she gets back into position, but the injury resurfaces, and so she hit the eyes worth 10 points, bringing her total to 475. Takashi rolls about, grasping his eyes and knocks himself and the table over. He gets up, unaffected by Machiko's insistence that it wasn't her fault. He takes his dart and is about to launch it, but Machiko holds her stomach and pleads for him to not hit it, because the baby could get injured.

Surprised, Takashi berates her for not telling him about it, but she counters by saying that she hasn't told anyone other than him, and the trip that they were going on was to be the place to inform him, as a surprise. Calming down, for now he is touched by how kind she is, he asks her as to how long she has known. Machiko has known for ten whole weeks; this causes Takashi to have flashbacks of various times in the past where she has either fallen asleep on the couch or bed suddenly, merely thinking it nothing more than stress. Realizing that he was about to doom her to be unable to deliver the child, he deeply apologizes and hugs her, fully aware that he is ready to become a father. He stands up, and right before the dart escapes from his grasp, he has a flashback to when he was coming out of the restroom during the wedding to her friends, and ends up hitting the stomach section, allowing him to tie with Machiko.

After landing on the piece, Machiko screams in pain, and then Takashi scoffs at her questioning, while also claiming to have done that on purpose and starts unraveling, believing that Machiko was cheating on him the whole time. He further goes on to explain that he heard her two friends comments on how lucky "Macchi" is to have found someone so eager to please her needs, while also being married.

After hearing Machiko try to worm her way out of his suspicions, he gives up on his hopeful dreams over living happily ever after with her, and walks over to her lone dart. Takashi then asks Decim if he could use another player's darts and got the reply that it only matters where the dart is going; the dart may go to either podium and score the allotted amount of points while the recipient varies.  Takashi notes that this whole game has been impossible to win as a single person, and that the whole thing was rigged.  Decim, hoping to get the game to conclude, interjects that he is holding the final dart.  Knowing that one of them will end up losing, Takashi asks what will occur once the victor is chosen.  Ashamed, Decim responds that he is unable to answer that question. Takashi takes her dart, and prepares to throw it, jeering that she must be ready to lose at something because she always wins at home, and addresses her by her nickname.

Realizing that he is incorrect in his statements, Machiko stands up and tells him of Yuuki Machida, the recipient of the nickname of "Macchi" because she believed her name was too masculine. He doesn't believe her, so she spells it out for him, stating that she loved an old flame, but was already in a marriage. Horrified, he runs up to plead his apology plea, but she snatches the dart from his hand, after it had pricked her, but Takashi grabs her arm. Before she releases the dart, Machiko has a flashback to when she first met Takashi in the winter via a mutual friend, cruising in the spring time, locking lips below the city buildings, recovering from sex, her taking a pregnancy test that turns out to be positive and, at last, getting married and putting on rings; Machiko hits the bullseye, netting her the win and 50 extra points, and Takashi had gotten hurt in the heart.

Takashi scrambles up, and tries to yank the darts from the board to try again, but Machiko stops him knowing that they are already dead. This props Decim to inform them of where they are: a bar that judges humans based on their display of character and places either of them to Hell or Heaven.  Having another flashback, Takashi remembers the he and Machiko were riding along to where their honeymoon was, but they got into a fight because her phone rang, and she didn't want to talk about it.  He grabs the phone, but narrowly avoids plowing into a dark green truck, but ends up going over the railing, killing all three passengers and his red convertible with a 36-12 license plate.  Devastated, he begs Decim to do something, for he must be a god.  The gray-haired bartender denies his divinity. Machiko tries to convince Takashi that she wasn't unfaithful again and the fact that they are already dead, but after seeing how lost Takashi is, Machiko then starts to walk a few feet away, cry, laugh and claim that she was cheating on him to ease his pain of being the one responsible for killing themselves and the baby.. Takashi then tries to stab her by pulling the darts down and running towards her. Thankfully, Decim then intervenes to stops him by restraining him with wires.

At the end, Machiko goes to the void and Takashi goes to heaven to be reincarnated. Pictures are shown from their wedding, while also showing Yuuki's wedding invitation, proving her whole story when she denied ever loving him was a façade.

After that, Nona and his new assistant approach, which a job well done said by Nona. He thanks her, and asks the new girl what she thinks. She thinks it is terrible, but has a question.


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