Akiho is the eldest girl, and the second oldest, in the Tachibana family.

Appearance Edit


Akiho has black hair and wears a traditional school uniform, with her school colors being red and white. She has a red bow tie on and a semi-short maroon skirt. For footwear, she has on long black socks and black shoes. On the poster for her family's TV program, she wears a sky blue T-shirt with a white line going horizontally through.

History Edit

Akiho was born while Misaki was married to her first husband; she and her brother, Naoki, saw their mother get punched in the face. She was joined with three younger siblings when her mom wished to have more kids: Sachi, Jiyun and Takahiro. The eldest four have had to take care of Takahiro while her mom focuses on her own career, thusdd making her dispise her own mom.


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